The R1 creates a secure network bubble around you and your phone, tablet and laptop.
Easy privacy & security on the go for all of your devices.

What is the R1?


The first next generation security & privacy portable wifi router, centralized around you. The R1 , is almost the same size as an iphone 7, it is easy to use and is a plug and play wireless router. Your portable network admin on watch, it goes with you hence protecting you and whatever devices you interact with.

This product is designed, programed and manufactured in Canada.

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Decision making: Is this a wise investment?



How does the R1 work?

The R1 stands in between your phone, tablet, computer or any other device's local network and any WIFI, Ethernet or 3G/4G data network you connect to.

function of r1



Our military-grade Intrusion Prevention System, Intrusion Detection System & deep packet inspection modules make your devices safe from all attacks.

Threat Intel

A cutting-edge threat intelligence network means that you are protected even against the most sophisticated zero-day exploits.


Our patented technology provides you with a mix of VPN, TOR and other magic ingredients, guaranteeing you extreme privacy on-line.

867 Mbps

With 2 receivers and 2 transmitters on a couple of 802.11ac dual-band 2x2 adaptors you are guaranteed state-of-the-art connection speeds.


With our code and schematics on-line, you know a vulnerability isn't here to stay on your R1.

4028-Bit Encryption

Hardware-Software encryption means that snoopers will not be happy when they sniff your packets.


An anomaly-detection powered heuristic firewall, makes sure your network is uncrackable from the outside.

7 Hours

Sustaining a full day connectivity for all of your devices, the R1 can also be used as a power-bank.

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James Politeski
-Former President of Samsung Electronics Canada-

An elegant solution to a huge problem. Securing organization directors and CxOs is more important now than ever.


Viktors Engelbrehts
-Director of Threat Intelligence eSentire -

Threat Intelligence is how you do it right. And the team is all about threat intelligence.


Adam Souza
-Sr CyberSecurity Engineer Canadian Tire Corp-

You just can't count on an MDM to protect mobile devices going around with today's vulnerabilities affecting both mobile device and wifi security structures.


The R1 vs other solutions.

BenefitsR1AVCellular ServiceMDM
Security70% (Phishing, Malware, Network Attacks) 50% (Malware)10% (Network Attacks) 10% (Phishing, Free Wifi Block)
Usability (Convenience)15% (hardware, but no installation)20% (installation and maintenance, A bit resource intensive)100% ( no sfwr needed even ) 80% (installation and maintenance, Really light sfwr)
Cost~ 150$/user/year ~ 70$/user (2 devices)/year ~ 600$/user/year~ 50$/user (1 device)/year
Additional Huge Data Savings on Advertisements and Background Monitoring
Network Bound Encryption
Remote Instant Support
Behaviour Analytics
Deep Learning IDS for forensics and zero day detection
Security Education
Password Manager
File Shredder
N/ARemote Reset Phone
Remote Format Phone


The R1 makes sense from the business, technical, and financial views.

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